Pitch competition

Do you want to reach millions of people with your business solution? Do you have a working minimum viable product (MVP)? Do you want to connect with a global team of supporters and gain access to funding?

Join us at our inaugural pitch competition to tell the world about your company and aspirations!


Ready for Funding?

The mission of this pitch competition is to identify, spotlight, connect, reward and give support to the featured scalable startups whose business solutions have the potential to reshape Africa.

The pitch competition is scheduled to progress through the following stages:

Why we stand?

At Startup Kai, we aim to create a structural platform required to promote the economic development of Nigeria, and Africa at large. We believe the most efficient and effective means of achieving this goal is to identify, train, invest and connect scalable startups whose solutions are potentially iconic in achieving the same goal, giving them the leverage that ensures they ultimately become unicorns that are easily identified globally.

$5000 worth of
Awards and Prizes

The top 5 teams will receive a cash prize to help you bring your dreams to life! The best teams will have traction, a focus on helping others and a clear go-to-market strategy. If you’d like to learn more about how to achieve these goals, please check out our online courses: learn.startupkai.com. In addition to the prizes below, the fourth and fifth place teams will receive a $300 and $200 cash prize, respectively.

Third Place $1000

The third best team will receive $1000 plus a scholarship into the Startup Kai training and mentorship program (estimated value ~ $100).

Second Place $1500

The next team will receive $1500 in prize money and a scholarship into the Startup Kai training program (estimated value ~$100)

First Place $2000

The grand prize is $2000 plus an opportunity to pitch investors and gain access into the Startup Kai training program (estimated value ~$100).

The deadline for applications has expired, but sign up below to receive an invite to virtual pitch event in January. You can also be the first to hear about our next pitch event by joining the waitlist below.