"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


Leave a legacy. Building a community.

Do you want to pay it forward? The next generation of entrepreneurs are hungry to achieve success, but many of them don’t know what the road looks like. We need people like yourself, who have successfully started and grown a company, to empower others to be successful as well. But that’s not enough, we need people who live and breathe the lean startup principles, seeking to build a foundation based on facts rather than feelings.

Are you ready to change the world?

The story of the Nigerian State as of today is one that gives a mixed feeling of unhappiness and hope. Unhappiness due to poor state of the economy amidst abundant naturally endowed resources, other forms of wealth, human capital and several other potentials coupled with the increasing disbelief in the “Nigerian state” among youths.

Howbeit, the feeling of hope is made manifest in the limitless possibilities that even against all odds prevalent in the state, all that is needed is to once more reinvigorate the system by creating right and holistic platform to build young, vibrant and creative human capacities of the Nigerian youth, such that makes them become professional entrepreneurs and business founders, being trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills and also entrusted with adequate funding such that unleashes their unique potentials while limiting possible intentional and unintentional mistakes made by most entrepreneurs/startups. Thus, enabling the “captured youths” to be financially independent, skillful, resourceful and with a refocused mindset driven by love, passion and faith in the Nigerian State, such that makes each one to be keen on changing the status quo of the present day Nigeria, as they operate from their selected fields.

This underscores Embryonic AI launching Startup Kai which beckons on, at this time successful founders/entrepreneurs in the Nigerian (and African) ecosystem to join hands with us to give hands on training to the youths in the most inexpensive and practical way possible

As our mentor, you will be saddled with the responsibility to offer strategic guidance and advice to our cohorts which include but not limited to:

  1. Guiding your team trough the process of business model hypothesis testing and validation
  2. Identify and bridge gaps in the team’s business knowledge
  3. Review and comment on the teams weekly presentations and business model canvas
  4. Provide connections and Introductions
  5. Respond to the teaching team’s critique of their team
  6. And more…

The engagement of mentorship on this really important program, more or less a national assignment, has it’s benefit to enrolled mentors which includes though not limited to:

  • Wider marketing access to potential/prospective customers
  • Enhanced business network and others…

Will you take to heart the problems of this generation and help create a community of successful entrepreneurs/business founders??