At Startup Kai, we’re building a community of successful entrepreneurs who care about paying it forward to help the next generation of business leaders. In 2017, 9.2% of the world population lived below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day.

“The global extreme poverty rate fell to 9.2 percent in 2017, from 10.1 percent in 2015. That is equivalent to 689 million people living on less than $1.90 a day. At higher poverty lines, 24.1 percent of the world lived on less than $3.20 a day and 43.6 percent on less than $5.50 a day in 2017.”

We want to stand in the gap and help people build bridges out of poverty. Rather than giving handouts, we want to empower people to provide for themselves by creating jobs. There is a huge opportunity to provide high quality products and services for the 3.5 billion people who live on less than $5.50 a day. Not only is there an opportunity to change the lives of billions of people, but there is an opportunity do so at a profit making small margins on a large scale. 

Our Values

  • Integrity – Work as though everything you do will be shared with the world
  • Put Others First – We believe that true life is found in placing other people’s needs ahead of your own. Seeking to serve rather than be served.
  • Pursuit of Humility – Rather than seeking praise from others, we’re looking to promote others and help others achieve their success.
  • Commitment – Each team member holds themselves accountable to their work building systems and habits to ensure work is completed in a timely manner
  • Results & Relationships Focused – We seek to build long term friendships with our teams, partners and employees, while working together to achieve great outcomes. Rather than worrying about the time spent, we want to empower each person to be as efficient and productive as possible