How to build a business worth investing in

Understand how to build an investable business that can potentially grow to produce millions in revenue
Entrepreneurs with businesses generating more than $1k in revenue per month will learn essential knowledge to build a business that attracts investors within the next 12-18 months. The MAIN GOAL of this workshop is to show you how to build a business people are excited to invest in AND a network of the right investors to help you in your journey.

What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop

  • Learn how to generate extra cash each month! 

– Stop worrying about how much money you have in the bank and start focusing on the numbers that really matter

– Imagine building a business that becomes profitable within 12 months and knowing where your money is going each month. Imagine not having to scrape by anymore but being able to save up and become your own bank.

  • Build a network of investors 

– Rather than constantly applying for grants, pitch competitions, and loans, you could be generating your own profits and have a team of investors willing to help you thrive

– Knowing when to raise money and who to raise money from is paramount to raising capital for your business.

– By focusing on building authentic investor relationships, you could have a team of people eager to hear about your next business venture and invest in you when the time is right and when it makes sense for everyone! A simple email or text to a handful of friends could be all that’s needed to raise the capital for your business to grow and realize your dreams.

  • Have more customers than you can handle 

– Most importantly, you need to stop competing in the red bloody ocean of “me too” products and start by differentiating yourself with something no one else can provide.

– By focusing on your customers and what they really need, you can craft a unique offering that will cause people to line up at your door and start requesting more than you can supply. No longer will customers be the constraint, you’ll be able to focus on producing more and learning how to scale your operations.

My name is Bob Davis and after spending almost 10 years building computer chips for Intel and Micron, I took a startup bootcamp that changed my life. During which I learned the secrets required to build businesses worth $1 billion dollars and how to attract investors to any deal. Since leaving the semiconductor industry, I’ve been building software for companies in Salt Lake City, Utah and launched a business training program called Startup Kai in 2021. I’m excited to share with you the tip of the iceberg about what it takes to build a successful enterprise that investors are excited to invest in.